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Bugs in the Woods Jamboree
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Car Show- Show n Shine
Car Show Registration 
Car Show Entry
  • $20 per car advance purchase.  $25 at the event.

The Bugs in the Woods Jamboree VW Classic car show is an all-day event from 10 AM to 5 PM and YOU help determine which VW owner gets to brag that his or her vehicle outshone all the others this year! The show starts at 10am. The award ceremony will begin between 3-4 PM.

Discover why, in many cases, each car is a miracle and even how it has changed lives. Whether the VW has been fully restored to its original glory or is somewhere in the process, you can bet your last dollar that the proud owner has an interesting story to share.

Every classic Volkswagen has a long story. Sometimes we know the whole story – from the time it rolls off the assembly line to today. However, more often than not, there are gaps in each story – varying lengths of time that are as mysterious as an unsolved who-done-it.

Remember to ask the owners about their Volkswagen journeys. They are absolutely amazing and they will help you choose which VW shines the brightest!

    About us

    Bugs In The Woods Jamboree is a yearly, Fall VW car show & camping event. It is held on the second weekend in November at the Camp Christian Conference Center campground. (more)

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    Bugs in the Woods Jamboree located at:
    Event Venue: Camp Christian
    3735 Dennard Hardy Rd Gordon, GA
    Gordon, GA
    Questions? Call Kelly (478) 628-1682
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