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Bugs in the Woods Jamboree
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Vendor – A person, group, club, or business that sells/offers a product or service, usually at an organized event.

Does your community group, club, business, or hobby produce/sell something that would interest “vintage” enthusiasts as well as VW fans and their families? If so, this is a great chance for you to earn extra money before the holidays!

The Vintage Thrift is making plans for the Annual Bugs in the Woods Jamboree. Our main event is an all-day Volkswagen Car Show, which focuses on Classic Volkswagens of all types. This is one of the only VW Shows of its kind in the Middle Georgia area. Because VW enthusiasts are a loyal, dedicated, and super bunch, we expect to see a lot of “Bug” fans crawling out of the woodwork. (Sorry, that is a bad joke but it’s true!)

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Vendor/Food Booth Options

Generally, vendors (especially food vendors) are accustomed to selling at the local arts & craft shows. We are very different from those! Bugs in the Woods Jamboree is even different from most car shows. For those reasons, you may wonder if your items or services would go over well. To help you decide, here is a list of some vendor items & ideas that would be a good fit for our jamboree in particular.

  • Food – Old fashioned or retro dishes, snacks, and beverages. Remember the food and candy you ate as a child? The memories bring a big smile to your face, right? Us too! Whip up one of your favorites to sell.
  • Theme Food – Do you have a fun or fanciful “bug” dish that you could sell? Remember the yummy/YUCK factor makes it even more fun to eat – just don’t incorporate real bugs! lol
  • Face Painting – Could you paint a variety of bugs (insects or the VW variety) on kids &/or adults?
  • Custom License Plates – Can you create a custom plate? Good opportunity for pre-Christmas orders & instant buys.
  • VW Memorabilia – Think collectibles and things like “Matchbox” cars.
  • VW Cars, Pieces, & Parts – Whether you have an old broken down VW sitting out in the field or you want to trade/sell the sweet classic VW in your garage, someone wants it! Bring the vehicle (or pieces) to sell/trade or part-out.
  • Camping & Outdoors -Many VW enthusiasts tend to be on the move a good bit. They enjoy traveling, camping, hiking, biking, boating, fishing, and more. Do you make or do something that would interest them?
  • History & Styles (50’s, 60’s, 70’s, & early 80’s) – Quite a few friends and (VW) family members are interested in history as well as the styles, brands, and items from the 1950’s to the very early 1980’s. It seems to go hand in hand with liking and/or owning Classic Volkswagens. Some people enjoy collecting items from the same period as their VWs. Others are always on the lookout for a specific item, style, character, theme, or brand from those times. Examples might include 50’s suitcases, 60’s drink bottles, 60’s style curtains or blankets, 70’s ads, and such.
  • Art & Artisans – Eclectic & talented describe the VW family better than any other words we know. While a fondness and appreciation of Volkswagens brings us together, other hobbies, skills, and interests provide a wealth of inspiration and amazement. From painting and photography to metalwork and needlework, you can relate almost everything to VDubLub with a little creativity.

Hopefully, these ideas have provided a few creative ways that can help you meet the likes and needs of our visitors. We would be happy to answer your questions about the event. Just contact us.

If You Would like to Have a vendor space, please call Kelly at:  (478) 628-1682

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    Bugs In The Woods Jamboree is a yearly, Fall VW car show & camping event. It is held on the second weekend in November at 675 Bethlehem Church Rd, in Gordon, GA. (more)

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