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Bugs in the Woods Jamboree
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About Us

Bugs In The Woods Jamboree is a yearly, Fall VW car show & camping event. It is held on the second weekend in November at 675 Bethlehem Church Rd. While Bugs In The Woods Jamboree is centered around classic Volkswagens, we are definitely different from other shows you may have attended. Not only do we focus on the VWs, but we also incorporate the eras associated with the vintage VWs . This helps to bring the “big picture” of the Volkswagens into focus. As with anything that is unique or different, you don’t always know what to expect. With that in mind, we thought we’d clue you in on the details. It all begins with the history….

The History

Bugs In The Woods Jamboree is held at a local, large outdoor facility. This location was not chosen just because it is in the same area as The Vintage Thrift shop, which hosts the event. 

The Present

We are happy to see that the camp is being used to enrich and enhance people’s lives. Since helping others is one of our priorities and the camp has many great features, we decided that it was the perfect location for our Bugs In The Woods Jamboree VW car show & event.

The Campground

Today the campground features an outdoor camping area, group cabins with a central bathhouse, and a sand volleyball court, a community fire circle and much more. (The basketball 1/2 court is not available during the event). You can hike or bike the nature trail, walk the peaceful labyrinth/maze, explore the grounds in impromptu groups, rest on the swing between activities, or visit one of the quiet spots with benches for some “me” or “us” time.

The Activities

The Volkswagen Car Show is the main event/activity. However, we do have other activities planned. In general, activities vary from year to year so each jamboree is different. Family-friendly activities are incorporated into the Bugs In The Woods Jamboree experience when possible. Here are a few details to give you an idea of what you can expect.

The Volkswagen Car Show Main Event

The car show is open to ALL VW classic, vintage, and near-vintage models from the 1930’s to 1984. (While the official near-vintage date is through 1979, we extended it a bit for our show.)

You probably recognize the main Volkswagen Types such as:

Type 1 – Volkswagen Bug/Beetle
Type 2 – Volkswagen Bus/Van/Kombi
Type 3 – Volkswagen Karmann Ghia / Squareback /Fastback (compact)
Type 4 – Volkswagen 411/412 (sedans & wagons)

However there may be a few vehicles that you do not visually recognize as being part of the Volkswagen family. These may include automobiles like the VW-Porsche 914, the Volkswagen Thing, and others. The cars will be judged in several different areas/categories. We will be finalizing that criteria soon and will let you know the details.

The Games

As mentioned earlier, family is a top priority and we are continually on the look-out for games and activities that help you make memorable moments. Some of the games and activities are self-initiated such as the Bug themed beanbag toss and horse shoes games. Others are scheduled for specific times during the day.

Currently, we are considering several different types of races for large and small groups as well as skill based events and contests. If you are interested in a particular game/activity or have a suggestion, let us know so we can add it to our list of ideas or bump it up on our priority list.

    About us

    Bugs In The Woods Jamboree is a yearly, Fall VW car show & camping event. It is held on the second weekend in November at 675 Bethlehem Church Rd, in Gordon, GA. (more)

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